Tuesday, June 30, 2015


June 30, 2015

Near Thuin at the top of a hill overlooking the surrounding meadows sits the Fosteau castle. This imposing fortress from the 14th century still has got its four towers. In this castle are some of the most beautiful Gothic rooms in Belgium. It is surrounded by a beautiful and sober park.

I visited this castle together with the Senior Group of Waterloo city which had organized this trip.

Unfortunatel the pictures are a bit dull, because it was very windy and rainy.

There was a beautiful park

The castle with the front tower on the left

and on the right

Through a big gate we arrived in the courtyard

the entrance to the castle itself

seen from one side

and the other

Years ago carriages were standing here, today a car

Going inside we arrived in this entrance hall.

In a huge Gothic room with an impressive open fire, we were greeted by his Lordship himself, who told us the story of the castle and its inhabitants.

We then visited the rooms on the second floor

In a showcase I saw two canon bullets stemming from the Waterloo battle in 1815, probably of French origin.

The castle also had its own pharmacy

and a beautiful view on the surrounding fields.

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