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During years the farms which are located along the battle fields, had been forgotten and slowly became ruins. But now of course for the bicentenary they had to be at least repainted and a bit repaired !

One of the most important farms was the "La Belle Alliance" which had been an inn and is situated near the Waterloo Lion. It played a big part during the battle. On the morning of June 18, 1815 the inn became Napoleon Bonaparte's headquarters for the Battle of Waterloo.

After the battle, at around 9 pm, the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Blücher met close to the inn signifying the end of the fighting. The building has become a night club and had already been restored some time ago. I wonder what Napoleon would say that his headquarters had become a Night Club !

200 years ago

Mont St. Jean

Another important one is the farm of Mont-Saint-Jean which served as hospital for the English troops, as the memorial explains. This one is not yet finished but most of the renovation is done.

The Hameau du Roy farm  was also in the center of terrible fights. Today it is a famous bakery.

an ancient convent

A memorial says that at this place  Napoleon attacked the English and Scottish army.

and another farm mostly finished

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