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 May 9, 2016

The exhibition aims to promote the painter's artistic, cultural and intellectual work. It tries to contribute to the understanding of the pictorial evolution, thoughts and life of Dali, particularly for younger generation.

A colourful presentation of less known Dali artworks especially sculptures,  organised around the flamboyant genius of this universal and eternal artist. The visit takes you from surprise to astonishment and from discovery to delight, leaving nobody untouched.

Even if  I tried hard to understand this very special artist, I came to the conclusion that either he is crazy or I am not intellectual enough to understand his very special sculptures, or other strange creations ! Dali's life you can find in Wikipedia, I only show you what I have seen during the exhibition in Liege and my impressions.

We took the train in Brussels and arrived at Liege very modern station which also contains a very huge exhibition hall were special exhibitions take place. So we didn't even have to leave the station and could stay inside which was very nice as it rained this day.

The Liege station from outside

and then we were greeted by Dali with strange hangers on his moustache

He presented himself in a bath of "golden" coins. You can say everything about Dali but certainly not that he suffered from minority complexes or modesty !

The first creation we saw was a Volkswagen covered with moss and a diver sitting at the steering wheel. Perhaps for your garden (yard) ?

He loved ants, which he used to eat

He also loved insects like this grasshopper ! I wonder if he found all these metal parts in a bin ?

I suppose this is a male but could be a female too, the drawers represent the different state of your feelings according to Freud who must know that we are full of drawers.

This lovely creature apparently goes shopping as it pushes a caddie. I hope it never comes to our shopping center ! People would get a heart attack !

This women makes me think of Flamingo, after all Dali was Spanish

I really can't remember what this was supposed to be, anyway I don't want it in my house

I thought there was a painting behind this statue, but in reality it was a slide

which reflected in a mirror

so we did some selfies !

Thumb up !

There was certainly a very intellectual answer to the holes in the body, but it made me think of drafts.

Probably the atomic bomb

I felt observed

Eggs as symbols ?

a special chair

Nice wall decoration, sardine cans filled with bottle openers, corks and other things to hang on your wall.

When you have to go to the next wedding



Dining table maybe not for a convent

Dali was also a fashion creator !

and after all a famous painter !

I loved this lip seat ! Was very comfortable.

My personal impression of this exhibition was, that Dali was the first one to dare to make "art" out of nothing, putting a nail and a screw together. He certainly was a genius, a little crazy but a unique personage.

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May 1, 2016

Ever since there is nothing to see at the Waterloo Lion mount anymore except a new built restaurant, (the museum of the battle is under ground) Waterloo inhabitants,  my friends and I prefer to go to the old historical place of the Mont St. Jean farm.It had been used as a Hospital by Wellington during the Waterloo battle. It has been beautifully restored and is on the way to become a real nice place to spend some time walking around or having a drink. The farm had been bought by Anthony Martin who with his team took the challenge to save the site and make it really worthwhile to visit.

The project is being carried out in collaboration with the architects André Dupont and Associates, who are specialized in listed heritage buildings – they were also responsible for restoration of the famous Hougoumont Chateau.

The Mont St. Jean farm already hosts a microbrewery, where Waterloo Beer is brewed.

The site also offers a spacious event room (La Grange), a superb restaurant (L'Orangerie du Prince), a shop dedicated to local products (Le Comptoir),

A museum, and visits to the Court and Orchard, a playground and an educational farm will be available for children in the near future.

Each week when I go there with friends to have a drink I discover the progress of this site.

The inner court yard

Just behind the chicken enclosure in this part of the farm will be the museum

It was not open yet, so I took these pictures through the windows

The grange is in renovation progress, the tiles on the roof replaced. This will be available for special events.

One barn looks almost untouched to the pleasure of the children

But the other barn, just opposite had changed ! On this picture you can see how it was about 3 weeks ago and how it looks now.

A bar and a little snack or restaurant had been installed, I would say in really no time !

The Brasserie L'orangerie du Prince, has more and more success, here was a birthday party going on.

There is now a nice way with gravels leading to a kind of oriental tent.

It is probably also destined for events. Probably weddings. That's only a guess. Outside there are comfortable seats and umbrellas. From there you have a wonderful view on the orchards and fields.

The day I went the sky was grey and it was rather cool, but I imagine that during summertime this place will be full of people as it is really beautiful.


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