Tuesday, September 10, 2019


With my friends I had booked a day trip to Dinant.

Its story is one of many battles. First of all, Dinant has been there a long time. The first mention dates from the 7th century! Isn’t that amazing? The Citadel of Dinant is a fortress located in the Walloon city of Dinant in the province of Namur, Belgium. The current fort was built in 1815 on a site which was originally fortified in 1051 when the region was ruled by the Prince-Bishopric of Liège

Dinant was exposed to quite a few battles in the Middle Ages, as it had a strategic location on the Meuse river. Also in World War 1 there was a lot of destruction, when French and German troops fought for the town in the Battle of Dinant. 80% got destroyed. But just as every place that saw destruction, it got rebuilt and is a beautiful place to visit now!

Our bus first drove us to the  the Citadel of Dinant.  We visited the fortress, but I preferred by far the beautiful views you had from up there over this picturesque little town.

BTW Alphonse Sax who invented the saxophone, was born here in Dinant. Now it has a special centre entirely devoted to him, but the visit to this place was not included in our program.

It rained a bit when we arrived at the entrance of the citadel

I saw this tower probably with canons inside to shoot the enemy and an airplane from WW I

The views over Dinant were just beautiful. It looked like a toy town.

Then we went inside. The walls were very thick, you could never have a problem with your neighbor.

Our guide showed us the prison. In the first cell was a surprise as he said. Indeed when you looked inside you saw your own face in a mirror !

These terrible "machines" were from long before the WWI time ! The guillotine to cut your head off and another one for thieves, to cut the right hand off !

There was a blacksmith and a bakery

Dormitories for 40 soldiers ! Must have kept the officer awake because of the snoring noise !

and the kitchen

The guide explained the history of all battles which took place here. This finished the guided tour and we went to the cable car.

It was very funny, because most of us had never taken or long time ago a cable car. 

Now we could see all the houses in reality, which seemed to be toy houses from high above where we had been, on the top of the rock !

Along these houses was the river Meuse on which we had our lunch cruise.

We sat at the beautifully dressed tables and had a wonderful meal, while looking outside on the landscape.

Meanwhile the sun had come out and we could sit on the deck

We had been there, behind the church !

views from the boat.

After almost 3 hours our cruise ended and we went back to the cable car which took us up again to the Citadel, where our bus waited to take us home.

Next time we will see a bit more of the city. It is really a worthwhile place to see or even spend some holidays.


Klara said...

cool trip. I just saw a blogger posting a saxophone sculpture in Dinant.

diane b said...

What a beautiful, historic town. Sounds like a super tour.

Indrani said...

Dinant seems like a beautiful place full of history. Hope I can visit some day.

Unknown said...

What a great outing and so much of interest to see. Interesting about Alphonse Sax. I did not know.

Penelope Notes said...

On its face, this is such a lovely town despite punishment horrors and a turbulent past. It seems humankind has never existed without its battles no matter where or what time in history … first the destruction then the rebuilding. The beautiful location makes this a perfect place to create a saxophone with its rich and mellow sounds.

Fun60 said...

The town looks so colourful from above.

Wendy said...

Wow you did a lot in one day!

Lady Fi said...

Looks wonderful!

Liplatus said...

Fascinating excursion to the city and the museum.
Wonderful versatile photos.


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