Monday, October 11, 2010

MY WORLD - The Gaasbeek Castle in autumn

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I had read that there was a dragon exposition at the Gaasbeek castle and as the weather was so unusually beautiful I went there expecting big dragons all over the park.

It turned out that the dragon expositon was inside the castle and taking photos was not allowed.

So I walked around the park and castle on this warm October day.

on the way to the castle,

from far I could see the ponds

On these mirrors the history of the castle is explained and also the place were you are.

The castle of Gaasbeek

walls all around

A little house in the park

There were lots of chestnuts in the park and people were collecting them

The heavy rain of the last weeks has left its traces

You need good shoes to walk down these steps to the ponds

There are also grapes growing

on the way back

into this nice restaurant

where we could sit outside

a special guest

and supervisors


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