Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 August 24, 2015

Since June 29, Brussels has a new pedestrian area. All around "La Bourse" (stock market building) no cars are allowed anymore. The big Boulevard Anspach in front of La Bourse has been closed for cars. Now people can walk around in the middle of the street.

I must admit that it took me a little time to dare to walk on the boulevard. But it is wonderful. Now you can sit on benches, there are also  Picnic tables, and there is no car noise anymore. It is also good for the preservation of the historical buildings in this area.

Instead of cars, you can take a coach and let you drive around

Benches and picnic tables on the street

No danger for bikes anymore

Now it looks like this

instead of this !

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


August 17, 2015

Instead of the biannual flower carpet  this year Brussels presented a "Flowertime" display on the Grand'Place and in the Brussels City Hall. The theme was "Italian Baroque".

Not to be in a huge crowd I arrived early on the Grand'Place and noticed that lots of people had had the same idea as me.

Here is an overlook on the Grand'Place

A long line of people was already standing there and waited that the City Hall door would open at 10 am.

Meanwhile I wandered around

Flower arrangement in yellow

and the details. There were thousands of yellow  roses

It continued with red roses

This was not a pond but a puddle from the rain of the day before

I went inside the City Hall for the first time, although I live in Brussels since 1959 !

Over our heads hang this

 The inner courtyard

We were greated by busts of King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth 

On the walls our actual King and Queen and a variety of paintings

The first flower arrangement with details

A huge shoe

and different other creations

Around this painting was this beautiful flower frame

At the entrance to the rooms stood this statue

The first glance inside took my breath away

Flowers everywhere

a tapestry

The ceiling

Entrance to the wedding room

This is the place where inhabitants of Brussels are getting married

A huge table was dressed unfortunately not for me

Everywhere in the staircases were flowers.

From time to time I had a glance through the window and saw more and more people lining up

Then I went out and walked across the place

In the afternoon I took a picture of my screen, the webcam of the Grand'Place showed all the people walking around and an overlook on these streams of flowers.


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