Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Each year in August I spend a week with my friends who live in Eastbourne at the English coast. This time I had the opportunity to see "Airbourne, the biggest seafront airshow in the world (as they say) Red Arrows, RAF Typhoon, Hawk and Catalina gave a spectacular show. If you are interested in the airplanes go to the Airbourne link, because I was more interested by the general athmosphere and the obvious fun people had to get together and watch the sky.

The first day I went to Eastbourne seafront and walked around.

Hoping I would catch a picture of the plane, I pointed my little Sony Cyber Shot Camera to the sky and ... catched one !
Combining sunbath with a watching airplanes is for once something special
and I even catched a few more !
They left a colored sky
Family and friends everybody having fun together
The kids of course were more interested in these games then in boring and noisy airplanes !
There also were stands to buy souvenirs or other things and of course lots of food ! Nobody could starve here !
many people had just brought a picnic
Watching makes thirsty ! The next day we went to Beachy Head a beautiful chalk cliff above Eastbourne. It's part of tradition to go up there for a picnic and watch the Airshow.
That's what we did too !
We were very lucky with the weather the sky had cleared up and we could watch the planes. As I had seen enough the day before, I was far more interested in the beauty of this place.
where the grass ends, it goes deep down almost right into the sea. Unfortunately this is a favourite place for people who have enough of life and just jump over the end.
Beautiful flowers, bushes and trees
even the restrooms looked more like a little cottage house
The sheeps weren't pleased at all of these noisy engines disturbing their peaceful life
I had spent a wonderful day
The airshow was ended by a beautiful firework watched by thousands of people.


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