Tuesday, September 03, 2019


On our way to Budapest we made a lunch stop in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia.

We drove through a beautiful landscape.

I only have seen the most important things in Banska Bystrica, enough to appreciate this little town which receives tourists in winter for ski holidays and for summer holidays.

The pride of Banská Bystrica is its central square rebuilt into a throbbing pedestrian zone with an original charm and atmosphere. I enjoyed to walk around this square and admired the beautiful multicoloured houses.

The square

The museum

The Barbican

a fountain

The tower

The museum

Apparently it can be best admired from the Clock tower. But I didn't go up there. It was built in 1552 as part of the town prison. The most beautiful building of the southern row of the square is Thurzos House, which today is a museum.

After having walked around this rather huge square, I was hungry and I found a nice restaurant. I looked for something to eat and of course wanted something special from the country. I finally had a "Langos" which were  potato dumplings with sheep cheese and roasted bacon. It was delicious.

The visit was short, but I would say it is worthwhile to return into this little town.


Fun60 said...

I have not heard of this town but it looks very pretty.

Sasha said...

Old European towns are so beautiful!

Little Wandering Wren said...

I would love to visit those houses look so pretty, love the pastel colours. I have never been to Slovenia so thank you for my virtual tour!
Wren x

Lady Fi said...

Lovely colours and architecture!

Unknown said...

Nice place. I think Hungary has langos. Langos are very slimming, not.

Penelope Notes said...

This charming little town with its colorful square and historic buildings has a rich ancient history, indeed. It is my understanding that it is also one of the world’s newest countries since it was only in 1993 that Czechoslovakia separated into two new countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They did so peacefully and that is a great lesson to learn!


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