Tuesday, April 25, 2017


April 25, 2017

Hallerbos – ‘The Blue Forest’ – is located in the surroundings of Brussels. The forest is a favourite attraction, thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells, which bloom around mid-April. The giant Sequoia trees also make a visit to this forest more than worth it.

It was a sunny day, when I went to the "Blue Forest" to see this wonderful natural blue carpet in this fairy-tale forest.

Each year there is also a Saturday ‘bluebell jogging’. I went in the middle of the week, because I wanted to enjoy the forest quietly.

Until  end of April, every sunny day is fine to experience the magical spring in the wood. Of course you have to stay on the official paths. The bluebells’ leaves are making new flower bulbs right now. Wherever you step on them, there will be no new flower bulb and as a consequence there will be no new plant next year! If you step on forest soil where there aren’t any flowers, this soil gets more dense, and the seeds of the bluebells will not be able to sprout there as the tiny root that comes from this seed in September will not get through the hard soil.

What surprised me that all these flowers didn't smell at all. I put one at my nose or rather my nose on the flower, but it didn't smell at all. Maybe it's better so ! 

These are the pictures I took they speak for themselves !

And at the exit I saw a few horses eating.

If you want to know more about its history it's here

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


A bit of history : the first lord of Grand Bigard, Almaric de Bigard, lived here around 1110. Since then, there have been 40 different owners, including several well-known names in Belgian history. Count Ferdinand de Boisschot who left most traces of his stewardship of the castle. He enlarged the existing building and added the chapel in 1640.

In 1902, Raymond Pelgrims de Bigard found himself faced with sadly dilapidated buildings. The entrance was blocked by various farmsteads, the moat was filled with earth. After thirty years of hard work and from these remnants of a glorious past, Raymond Pelgrims de Bigard managed to restore one of Belgium's most prestigious castles. In 2004 the family decided to open the park to the public in April, by organizing one of the largest flower show in Belgium. Since then this event has become a must and helps to maintain this exceptional piece of our heritage.

The spring flower exhibition in the park and the greenhouses of the castle of Grand Bigard (Groot-Bijgaarden) offers an unforgettable flower experience. The park of 14 hectares incorporates nearly all spring bulb varieties. For the new flowering time, the gardeners of the castle have planted by hand more than one million bulbs. Special attention goes to the tulips, with almost 400 varieties, hyacinths and daffodils are also well represented.

I saw Carpets of wild flowers under old trees, a heart of red tulips on the edge of the pond, original flower beds spread in the park. A labyrinth of tulips in the colours of a rainbow and the chapel decorated with orchids. A beautiful flower peacock stands behind the castle.

Come along with me :

The entrance, a long line of people are waiting for their entrance ticket

The castle

surroundings, and even a chicken coop

Flowers everywhere

A heart

The tower

all kind of flower seedlings you could buy

The coach

A well

all kind of tulips

A bridge

A wood with a flower carpet

So many colors !

Even some hunting music

Beautiful flower beds

The peacock


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