Tuesday, December 20, 2016


December 20, 2016

Since a few years there are Christmas markets a little everywhere in Belgium and not only in Brussels. Waterloo joined in too. At the very beginning it was just a small little market in a huge tent in front of the city hall. But this year it was different. It had become a nice market with about 30 chalets.

At one of the two entrances

Here you can eat snails

and of course drink hot or normal wine

The house of the Waterloo youth

beautiful decoration

This corner was for drinking mostly Champagne

An old carousel for the kids

Even the Television

Enough to eat and to drink and warm you up at this flame

Jelly, jam and other goodies


Self knitted  pullovers, cardigans and hats for kids

Even Buddha was there to bring us serenity

or another mean to get cheerful

Many different chalets

and people having fun

I haven't seen the real father Christmas but this one waved me good-bye


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I love painting, writing, travelling and photography. My favorit models are cats which I observe with fun and humor. I am German, married to an Italian and we live in Waterloo (15 km from Brussels) / Belgium since many years. Waterloo is a famous place to many tourists, because Napoleon lost his battle here against Wellington and other European countries.


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