Tuesday, April 26, 2016


April 26, 2016

While I was on holidays at the French Riviera together with my friend we went to visit Marseilles, which I had never seen. To see a maximum in a little time, we took the sightseeing bus and from there I could shoot the following pictures. I won't copy and paste the history of Marseilles, you can read it here

Backdropped by the white limestone cliffs of the Calanques, its serene setting is at odds with the Arabic-style backstreets of the city centre and the boisterous bartering at the fish market.

The hub of Marseilles is the Vieux-Port, a harbour with some 2,600 years of history, and
the tree-lined central avenue of La Canebière crackles with activity day and night.

There are some hugely diverting museums and cultural sites back in the city centre, but the most of the foreign tourists prefer just settling down on a busy café terrace and watching the world go by over a glass of wine sounds appealing, you’ll be well served.

That this side of the city is so often overlooked is in part due to its historical significance as a major port and as the gateway to France’s former colony Algeria, both of which have combined to make the city extraordinarily cosmopolitan.

Today, the city’s unrivalled music and fashion industries add a dynamic flavour to the multi-ethnic mix that is layered over what is at heart, a truly French city.

We arrived at the new exhibition building, where a Picasso exhibition took place. The place was huge and rather new according to my friend, it had been part of the docklands.

We took our sightseeing bus at the old habour. We sat on the top just over the driver and had a wonderful view.

We saw a big Ferry boat  waiting for passengers and cars destination Algeria

The towers of the "Cathedral de la Major" are being renovated, underneath around the place there are cafés and restaurants.

We drove  along the docks

There were lots of cafés or restaurants side by side all along and people sat outside and enjoyed food or drink.

I found the architecture of the City Hall very beautiful

and the different styles of architecture too

Our bus took us along the seaside

Where beautiful houses and many apartments had a gorgeous look over the sea

This is the official beach of Marseilles. And despite the fact that it was still  a little cool at least for me, there  were lots of people laying on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.

The street along the sea

We approached

the "Porte de l'Oréan" (Vallon des Auffes)

and saw from far the "Rocher des pendus" which means the "Rocks of the hanged"

Overlooking whole Marseilles "Notre dame de la garde"

View over Marseilles

Marseilles had been important soap producers, so here was a museum. The soap of Marseilles is very famous around here.

There were Galleries with shopping centers and the streets very busy

Our bus took us back to the habour. The tour lasted two hours and had really been very nice. We have learned a lot because we all got a plan and earplugs where you could choose your language.

It had been a real wonderful day !

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


April 18, 2016

During the Easter holidays I visited my friend Claudie, in Ollioules, South of France near Toulon.

Besides the Military port of Toulon there is another one close to the city-centre, passengers and crew are only a few steps away. They can easily reach the promenade along the marina with its many restaurants and cafes, a main shopping-mall (100 boutiques), the old medieval quarter and its picturesque Provencal street market (the biggest one in Provence), it's a feast of colour and fragrance, alive with the sunny Mediterranean accent of the stallholders. You will find several fountains, shady' squares, chic quarter from Baron Haussmann including the impressive Opera, museums and monuments.

Along the promenade

We wanted to visit the sailing ship "Marité" the biggest wooden three-mast of the French Heritage !
The history of the Marité will no doubt raise your attention telling all about her 5 lives, which is extremely rare.

Here she is in full glory !
anchored in the port of Toulon and we could visit her for free. She looked beautiful and we went on board. It was OK to walk around in the fresh air, but once we were down in the hold, I couldn't stay long because I started to feel uneasy, the earth was moving under my feet and the air was quite bad. So I didn't even read the whole history, thinking that I will find everything interesting on Internet.

There were many tourists who had the same idea

impressive knots !

and after our visit we had a drink on the promenade where a Brazilian group performed for the tourists !

What a nice place to visit !


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