Tuesday, October 22, 2019


The year's end excursion for the seniors of our city took us to Boulogne sur Mer where we visited the Aquarium Nausicaa (all details here) The French Tourist Office describes it as the biggest of Europe. As everything is always the most beautiful, or the biggest or greatest in France, I wasn't surprised when I saw it. It was not so big at all and all signs for the different species of the water world was placed like in a mace, and as everybody walked of their own, I did it with my two friends and of course got lost turned around had to ask several times and finally gave up. But apparently we didn't miss a lot, but what we saw was really very interesting. I had never seen so many different fishes of all sizes and colors in my whole life !

From the city itself we only saw a few houses from far.  We had come for the Nausicaa aquarium and lunch which for some seniors is more important then the subject of the excursion !

We got out of the bus and walked along the sea to the Aquarium.

At the entrance we were checked for arms and weapons and had to go through a scanner, but this is normal nowadays everywhere. There was a nice bar with a beautiful view on the sea but unfortunately it was closed.  I don't know why because it was around 11 am.

We had this nice green bus and after having seen all the water creatures, we went into a very nice restaurant, where we had 5 courses and drinks as much as you wanted included in the price. We stayed there for at least 3 hours and then walked back to the bus again to return home.

Even here we met our friend Napoleon from the battle of Waterloo.

From out of the Bus window a glimpse on Boulogne sur Mer


Little fishes, I don't remember their name

and this monster was busy to swallow a shrimp, which was sitting on its head and had walked slowly down directly into his mouth.

Another huge fish

Jelly fishes in all forms and sizes

Isn't that a friendly smile ?

Children trying to catch a fish through the glass


Fake grotto with different aquariums inside

A feeding place, but I don't know for whom may be sea lions, which I haven't seen. There are feeding times.

A few very impressive fishes

A cute chameleon

It is an ideal place for people who love the sea and its creatures


Unknown said...

It sounds like both an interesting and enjoyable outing, in a horrible coloured coach.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Your bus was certainly built for safety on the road as everyone would have seen you coming! Glad you enjoyed the aquarium, great fish pics. I'd have loved a 5-course three-hour lunch too!
Looks a good trip, happy days!
Wren x

Wendy said...

Doesn't everywhere always promote themselves as the best or the biggest or most visited or something else to make them seem attractive lol. There was certainly plenty to see there but the lunch sounded good value too.

William Kendall said...

The rays particularly fascinate me.

Fun60 said...

What an interesting day you had especially that meal. Five courses! I hear so often that I am visiting the largest in the world. I am sure you have found the same on your travels. When I was in Lisbon they said the aquarium there was the largest in Europe/World.


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