Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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My visit to Aix en Provence was rather short because of the Mistral a very cold strong blowing wind which makes you feel very uncomfortable. So we just walked along the main street and I got an overview of this old town. Anyway the city center, mostly pedestrian is quite small, you can cross the center in 15 minutes by foot, which suited us very well under these circumstances ! As in all Provençal towns, the city center consists of narrow streets, lined with interesting buildings from 17th century hotels to paved plazas.

It is also famous for being home to Cézanne, the French artist and Post-Impressionist painter.

This gives you an idea of his paintings, you can also visit his workshop, which unfortunately we didn't know where it was and I had forgotten to look for it on Internet.

I took some pictures of the city center

Beautiful architecture

It was hard to figure out who this king was because it was all written in latin and the inscription quite damaged but thanks to my little latin school knowledge, and with the help of Wikipedia I found out that it was the King René of Anjou. (Now I feel better)

Little bistros all along the main street

nice doors

pigeons "painting" gargoyls

Some other views from the main street

and the quiet big fountain of "La Rotonde" built in 1860. Three statues (Justice, Agriculture and Fine Arts) stand on the top of the fountain. There are 12 bronze lions and swans, mermaids and dolphins overlapped by cherubs. Originally, the fountain was filled with the waters of the Canal du Verdon. Since 1974, the fountain of water is recycled.


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