Monday, December 26, 2011


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We spent Christmas with our son and family in IJburg which is a residential neighbourhood currently (2011) under construction in the east of Amsterdam. It is situated in the IJ Lake and is being built on artificial islands which have been raised from the lake. The first residents moved into their houses on Rieteiland in November 2002.

Therefore the whole area looks very modern.

Along the artificial canals houses are built and if you have a boat you can just keep it in front of your house door. There are lots and lots of flats and houses squeezed together side by side, but

the overlook is not ugly at all. In fact it is a nice modern area with a lot of water activities

Modern "Venice"

Houses with the boats instead of a car

Green parks and sport's places. It must be very nice in spring and summer.

A beautiful leisure harbor

Many restaurants and cosy cafés

a very modern "open fire"

The most strangest bicycles I have ever seen

The kitchen window is just on the sidewalk. Most of the people have curtains to protect their privacy, this family has put a huge buddha face in the window.

If you have time read the history of Ijburg here the gain of land from the sea is quiet amazing !


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