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Castricum aan Zee is not a "real" seaside resort, such as Zandvoort or Noordwijk aan Zee. Castricum aan Zee has no inhabitants and no boulevard. It is only the name for the beach, the forest and the dunes with associated catering (various beach bars, restaurants) and other tourist facilities.

The beach of Castricum aan Zee can be divided into two parts; the busy beach and the quiet beach. The Drukke Strand is easy to reach by car. Near the beach entrance is a large parking lot at relatively small payment. The Drukke Stand has many beach and catering facilities, including a surf school. We went in this part which is more fun for children and families.

The Silent Beach lies south of the Drukke Strand and can only be reached by bike or on foot through the forest and the dunes. It is usually quieter and has no beach or other catering facilities.

It was the ideal weather for going to the beach and so we went to Castricum beach. 

We had packed all our stuff in this little wagon which nearly all Dutch families own. We went along the shops to the beach.

We arrived at a very big beach, ideal for children to play but of course also for everybody

The wind blew up the beach bed ! Very comfy

As it was quite windy people had rented these wind screens

I was sitting near the restaurants and cafés on the beach

observing the others playing or laying in the sun

and then I saw people gathering and looking towards a white tent. I became curious and went closer.

What I saw was a wedding ! On the beach and in the sand ! It was funny because the bride and the guests had to take their shoes off ! Walking with high heels in the sand didn't work.

It was the first time in my life that I saw a bride walking barefoot towards her future husband !

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