Tuesday, September 17, 2019


When I was for two days in Budapest I fell in love with this city ! I can't say why, but it was such a charming town and people were all so friendly. We stayed for two nights in the Ibis Hotel which fortunately was located in the center of Budapest. In our free time I could travel on the bus for free because I was over 65 and I was not even Hungarian ! In my own country I have to pay for seniors ! I also found Budapest very modern, there was Wifi nearly everywhere, it looked clean and I tried to see as much as possible in this short time and therefore took a sightseeing bus, which I could use the whole day. It was so nice to sit on the top and have a nice view over the streets and houses.

I won't describe its whole history you can find it here. Budapest has something for everyone – from dramatic history and flamboyant architecture to healing thermal waters and a nightlife that is unrivalled in Eastern and Central Europe.

Architecturally, the city is a treasure trove, with enough baroque, neoclassical, Eclectic and art nouveau buildings to satisfy everyone. Overall, though, Budapest has a fin de siècle feel to it, for it was then, during the capital’s ‘golden age' in the late 19th century, that most of what you see today was built.

And here are some photos I have taken in Budapest.

Fisherman's Bastion

a look over Budapest

Castle and Parliament

Chain bridge

Views of Budapest's streets from the sightseeing bus

View from our hotel window ! Interesting how people live

The New York Café outside. It was close to our hotel and the bus station was just at their door. Unfortunately I didn't go inside, which I sincerely regret, I didn't know what a beautiful café it was !

Saw it later on Internet

reminders of comunist times

In the evening we had a cruise on the Danube, with Champagne ! It was absolutely gorgeous ! The views !! I have seen a lot in my life but I was really impressed

cruise ships on the Danube

and all these beautiful illuminated buildings

and at the end of the cruise the moon.

There were a lot more to see in Budapest, I only had an overlook, a city to visit again, that's for sure !


Unknown said...

It is a wonderful city. Did you make it up into the lovely Buda Hills?

eileeninmd said...

It is a beautiful city, with lovely buildings. The river boat cruises are very popular. Great series of photos. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

William Kendall said...

A beautiful city, especially so at night!

Fun60 said...

It is one of my favourite European cities. Did you manage to visit one of the many spas?

Penelope Notes said...

Such stunning views and architecture! Budapest suits you … you make a pretty picture sitting there. :)

Lady Fi said...

The architecture is out of this world!


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