Tuesday, September 24, 2019


I have done sightseeing tours in almost all big cities I have visited except in my own town Brussels. As the weather was beautiful and it was the Sunday "Brussels without cars" I thought it would be a good idea to make this tour. My two neighbor girls came with me.

It is nice to see all streets without cars, except a few with a special permission, and the public transports, bus, tram and metro of course, and for free !!

We looked around and I tried to take pictures.

There were still some beautiful houses left, which hadn't been destroyed to built modern glass boxes. There were a lot of people in the streets and there was a cheerful atmosphere

There are a lot of parks in Brussels where people sat on the grass or walked around

In the background you can see the Cinquantenaire, which was built for the 50th anniversary of Belgium and hosts now a museum and showrooms.Everywhere were bikes or scooters and a lot to eat and drink !

This is the Brussels North station. Above is how I knew it when I took the train everyday for work and  underneath how it looks today. I didn't recognize anything ! The only high building where balls were organized and a lot of companies had their offices and where I used to go dancing when I was 18, had also disappeared !

The whole area had been demolished and replaced by glass boxes, I had the feeling to be in Dubai ! Then I thought if somebody would drop me in a city I wouldn't know where I am, because now they look all the same ! Sad.

Here lives the King Philip and Queen Mathilde with their 5 children.

Opposite of the castle is a huge park again and a memorial of a king.

Fortunately some areas are untouched and the old beautiful houses are still standing.

The Basilique, sitting on a hill. It's a catholic church, which has also a theatre and a restaurant.

The canal which connects Brussels to the Antwerp port

There was a whole group of bikers arriving

This beautiful Art-Deco building escaped the massacre

Les beaux Arts, theatre and exhibition hall

The museum of music

The street leading to the Palais de Justice (Justice palace)

The outside of the National museum

A beautiful church

On the hill where in the past criminals were hanged, there is now a huge wheel from which you have a wonderful overview from Brussels.

Just one car,  where usually there are traffic jams

This had been the old Belgian TV Station

The Schumann station in the middle of the area where all European institutions are and also a lot of embassies.

The European parliament

All this didn't exist when my father worked for the EU (at that time Commun Market)

Houses like this were all demolished there are only a few still standing.

A rather special architecture

I don't know why this old bridge leads to a very  modern building

There was a square surrounded with these European offices I think it is the Schumann square, but I am not sure I had never seen this ! I think last time I was there must be 40 or so years ago !

And here is the Berlaymont office which houses the headquarters of the European Commission, the executive of the European Union (EU).

and these are the surroundings I recognized the street where I had been two weeks before in the German embassy.

Our sightseeing tour lasted nearly 4 hours, because we made the two parts, the North and the South.
It was so interesting, but also a bit sad, because the Brussels of my youth had disappeared. Only a few things hadn't changed.


Andrew said...

What a good day out and what great photos. Thanks for showing us around.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots- especially the older architecture.

Penelope Notes said...

Historic architecture has ornate beauty that needs cherishing while modern day buildings strive for simplicity and angular lines. People generally are drawn to the historic buildings and most cities try to preserve an “old town” which says something about where the human heart lies.

Fun60 said...

I remember some of the buildings but not many. Last Sunday cars were banned from parts of London which was good but bicycles took to the roads in their hundreds so I still couldn't cross the road!


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