Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As the weather was so nice I decided to go to the Waterloo Lion and make some pictures.

Despite the cold there were many tourists which full of courage had climbed up the 253 steps !

Napoleon was at his usual place which was muddy and wet and full of puddles.

Here too everything seemed normal.

Pictures of the battle on the fence

the parking full of cars

and the old farms which once had housed the high graded soldiers of the battle were there untouched except that they had been all transformed into restaurants.

and then I discovered a huge hole just besides the Lion

The site of the Battle of Waterloo will be completely renovated ! The goal is to be ready for the bicentenary of the battle in June 2015.The huge hole is for the construction of an underground memorial  partly buried, with inside a 3D reconstruction, a staging by Franco Dragone ( known for his work with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion) to immerse visitors in the world of battle between the balls guns and bayonets.


It is a very grand and ambitious project !

During the excavation the skeleton of a soldier was found last year. First it was taken for a French soldier, then an English one, but now it is sure that it was a German soldier. He was between 20 to 30  years old. He was killed by a french bullet and some Hanoverian money was found on him. It's amazing what today's scientists can find out !

The once so bloody fields where Wellington (UK) lost around 15,000 soldiers,  Blücher (Germany) some 7,000 , and Napoleon 25,000  are today farmer's grounds and cultivated.

This old tree witnessed the battle

Where 198 years ago the canons and guns were in full action

today it is a well liked promenade

This is the Chateau d'Hougoumont  a large farmhouse situated at the bottom of an escarpment near the Lion, where British and other allied forces faced Napoleon's Army.

On the commemorative plaque is written in English and French :

In memory of the officers and men of the 2nd battalion Coldstream Guards who while defending Hougoumont Farm, successfully held this south gate from successive attack throughout 13th June 1815


Jo said...

You make a history lesson much more interesting than my school master did in the 70's! Imagine a skeleton being unearthed. The poor family obviously never knew what happened to their "boy"; good that science has come so far. Hope your weather turns good S O O N!

diane b said...

It sure is going to be a wonderful museum. It will bring home the tragedy of war but an easy to follow history lesson.

Anonymous said...

Wow - such lovely shots. I love that old old tree.

Dana said...

The battlefield is beautiful. It's hard to believe something so horrible happened there. And to think that that old tree witnessed it all. Wow.

I really enjoyed your photos and the story they tell. Happy Tuesday.

Dana said...
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Unknown said...

Great review!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Cezar and Léia said...

I want so much to go there, but I'm still waiting for better weather.
While this, I'm exercising myself in order to be prepared to face those 253 steps! :D
You prepared a fabulous article with wonderful pictures and information.
Well done!

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful captures and fascinating history, Gattina!! Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit there!! Your tour is the next best thing!! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

Fun60 said...

Maybe I need to put 2015 in my diary and come and have a look for myself as your photos make it look so interesting.

Anonymous said...

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Joyful said...

So much history there! You have shared a good lesson with us and I'm sure the new exhibition will be quite spectacular.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Amazing history. And it's good that its being renovated for the big anniversary.

Louisette said...

My older golden is borned hjust in front of Waterloo monument in Braine l'alleul, maison du Roi

NatureFootstep said...

interesting. :)

Gerald (SK14) said...

such a story and just one out of so many wars and battles

Annesphamily said...

A page from history is interesting to see and read. Thank you always for your shares. You take wonderful photos.


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