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France is on the other side of the sea

I have spent a week in Eastbourne/Langley. It is a lovely medium sized town in East Sussex, on the south coast of England. It is also a place where many Londoners live after their retirement.

The area has seen human activity since the stone age and remained as an area of small settlements right up until the 19th Century. The town then started to expand, assisted by the arrival of the railway, to make Eastbourne a prime Edwardian seaside resort.The main town lies sheltered to the East of the cliffs helping to contribute to its high sunshine record. Already Henri I spent holydays here but also Edward II. The city has splendid old victorian houses and the six km (four miles) long beach is lined with a seafront of hotels and guest houses.

It is very easy for Londoners to go to Eastbourne as the distance is only 150 km (93 miles) to spent one day at the sea.

There also were a lot of people from London and surroundings spending here the school holidays which are from mid July til beginning of September.

This coast is also called "The Sunshine Coast" because apparently even when the weather is bad, the sun shows up at least once a day. I was very lucky I had sunshine during the whole week I was there.

The main street of Eastbourne

The "shopping walk" (no cars) with shops, boutiques, Department stores, Pubs, Restaurants and Cafés

and of course the unavoidable sea gulls, here with a just stolen piece of bread !

another view of the main street, there are quite a lot of banks !

and here people enjoy the sun with a nice drink or food on terraces of Pubs, Restaurants, or Snacks.

The little red car is Anne's car we stopped there for a souvenir shop ! I bought a ceramic seagull for Mr. Gattino unfortunately it doesn't scream !

Here we are at Eastbourne Habour, with many big private boats. You also can make a tour.

Just in front of the habour were many restaurants where we had our brunch as you can see there were a lot of people !

Behind me are very luxurious appartments

Coming from Eastbourne mainstreet we arrive

directly at the long seafront. The buildings are mostly Victorian style. It seemed to me that if the cars were not there and people didn't wear modern clothes, it could be exactly like a 150 years ago.

The old pier. In there are now shops and tourist attractions. There are also many playgrounds for children.

The seafront.

And then I saw something very special on Eastbourne's streets ! A woman who walked her perrot who sat happily in this stroller and enjoyed the sunshine !


One day we spent in Hastings. It is a picturesque town not far from Eastbourne. It is best known for its connection with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 (I wrote about Hastings history last year here)

Hastings main industry was fishing. It still has the largest beach-based fishing fleet in England. From a fishing port it became a watering place and finally a seaside resort in Victorian times.

Here too the city was packed with tourists, even more then in Eastbourn, due to place's history. There is also a lot to see and it's also very interesting for children. There are a miniature railway, fairground rides and amusement arcades catering for tourists near the Fishmarket.

Fishmarket and museum

The fishmarket includes the striking net shops, fisherman's museum and Hastings Sea Life Centre. Fishing boats are likely to be drawn up on the beach and there is a lifeboat station.

A funicular going up to the castle

Nearby is Hastings Old Town with a number of buildings dating from the earliest days of the town. There are two funicular railways, known locally as the West Hill and East Hill Lifts respectively.

I only can say that this town is so beautiful with its very old houses, here too the time stood still.

The town center

One of the wonderful old churches

Believe it or not, in this historical stand Doug ordered our food

In the city

As there are so many seagulls (they are protected) flying around and stealing food from the tourists, this lady works for the city and has an owl on a leash. The owl immediately sees when a seagull intends to dive on a tourist and chases it away. It worked I can assure you !

She stood there with her owl in the middle of all terraces !

The roof of a shopping mall

One of the very special old houses, it's round !

And here is something for children paddling in the Swans. Behind was the seafront.


Friday morning is flea market in Hailsham. So we went there. Hailsham is not located at the sea but inlands. The town originally grew as an agricultural centre but is now mainly a commuter town. Many people live here and go to London every day for work. Hailsham's traditional industry was rope making, which included supplying ropes for public hanging to Great Britain and the Colonies. Fortunately not any more today !

Here again beautiful old little houses

The main street

My friends waiting that I finished with my photos !

A Pub, now with seats outside

A lot of traffic

The church erected in honor of Queen Victoria

No ropes anymore but carpets !

And here we are now on the flea market. It is as everywhere a lot of junk, but sometimes also something interesting.

Need shoes ?

A stand for Mrs. Lifecruiser, Porkburgers !!

Doug found a very nice leather belt for nearly nothing and completely new and I could buy a Ferrari (!!!) for Mr. Gattino's Formula 1 collection.


MaR said...

What an excellent tour and beautiful pictures! I now have to sit back and "digest" all the impressions, pictures, descriptions and everything.
Glad you had such wonderful weather, I always relate England to fog/rain....It's great that cybercruises allow us to get rid of all those stereotypes! Eastbourne surely looks lovely (and crowded!), seems your friends are just as "unternehmungslustig"(love the German word)or adventuresome as you are!
Back to the post to take a look at the pictures again :)

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous, Gattina. I'm glad you had good weather!

Anonymous said...

Et bien Gattina! Quel travail! C'est un véritable reportage et très complet! ça donne bien l'idée générale de l'architecture et de l'ambiance dans les villes du sud est de l'Angleterre! Je comprends que tu aies eu du mal à revenir à Waterloo. C'est un endroit où l'on a certainement envie de rester pour en profiter. Merci beaucoup Gattina là maintenant si un jour je voyage dans ce coin, je ne serai pas dépaysée grâce à notre cyber voyage!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing to me????? You just woke up that big travel needs I have... I wanna be there NOW!!!!

I just LOVE those old buildings. There are everywhere in UK and so bloody charming :-)

...and 6 km of beach line doesn't sound wrong either.... *dreamy look*

I'll take 2 of that Porkburgers, one to eat at once and one to go!!!! I'm hungry.

Let's hope that owl keep the seagulls away from my porkburgers....

Red Ferrari hah? I wonder if they had any Corvette Stingray for Mr Lifecruiser...?

Must go there and poke around a bit, see you later again!

Hootin Anni said...

I just love the excursion you gave for us! Isn't the European architecture super? They strive for the old and antiquated...which I love. Great atmosphere!! And that parrot? In a cart? That's something. Beautiful country.

Loved every minute of our trip with you.

Hootin Anni said...

...oh, and I forgot --the round house? Cool!!! I think America [along the hurricane coasts] should build 'round'....the winds would not do the damage like on the 'squared' homes/buildings!!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh WOW! I have had such a fun and exciting day! I do have to say that Eastbourne reminds me verrrry much of Ocean City, MD! (which I LOVE, by the way!) But what a TREAT to visit Hastings! I LOVE it! That rail trip looks more like a roller coaster ride! LOL! I had a great time looking around in the flea markets in Hailsham too -- it's so quaint! Love the atmosphere! What a GREAT day! Thank you Gattina!

TorAa said...

A most interesting vacation you had here, dear Gattina. Even without a drop of rain - in England. Charming towns and buildings. The Pubs have done the same as they have done here - fore several years - smoking outside only. You should have seen all the creativity that followed....

It looks like your friends were a bit tired of all your photographing - but I'm pretty sure they will be very happy when they see this post. We are all greateful for their hospitality and your grand guide effort.

Anonymous said...

That FUNicular up to the castle is almost killing me, have been going up and down and up and down....for ages now, so I'' need to go to the pub to catch up with the rolling ground now.... *giggles*

...and maybe ordering some more food at the pub... Let me see what they have... I think I start with Soup of the day - followed by some steak and chips, no doubt. Yummy!

Pamela said...

I'm surprised the owl will be awke during the day. I thought they were nocturnal.

I need to come back and peruse these more closely.

I want to ride that thingamajig up to the castle!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the round house! I would love to live in one. There is one here on the beachfront, and it's been on tv before about how it is great for the hurricanes. There might be more than one of them. Soma and D went for a ride on the swans. I wanna look for some souvenirs on the pier. I love the silver roofs! Gorgeous! How neat that the woman can keep her owl on a leash to keep the seagulls in line. Gonna join up with y'all at the pub! Would love a big jumbo glass of a nice English beer. :-D

Sandee said...

I would love to visit here for real. What beautiful shots too. Thanks for letting me visit your cruise. Have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely trip you've had Gattina and how well you have documented it - thanks for sharing!

These are places I've never been to, so thanks to you I had a chance to get a good peek.

I also want to say you really take good pictures!

This is a wonderful Cyber Cuise Gattina - my compliments - a great and very informative read (and look:-).

A. said...

Amazing! It's not the mental image I have of Eastbourne at all. I'm just rushing off to work now, so I will come back later when I have more time to do it justice.

david santos said...

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a tour around my own area! I was born and grew up in Hailsham, but back then it was a small market town with a big field in the centre - it's now the main shopping mall! I'm off to Eastbourne today for the annual air show, and the sun is shining!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely happy to discover this. great job!


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