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The 3 adventurers, it was very hot !

Karnak, describes a vast conglomeration of ruined temples, chapels, pylons and other buildings. It was built probably in the 4th century and is located near Luxor in Egypt. It was only rediscovered in the 19th century.

Few places in Egypt makes a more overwhelming and lasting impression, then this apparent chaos of walls, obelisks, columns, statues, stelaes and decorated blocks.

The first we saw when we climbed out of the bus was this amazing entrance. The statues were so big, and it was only the beginning !

Two statues lost in the landscape. I began to wonder how they could do such sculptures with the means they had at this time !

I didn't listen what the guide said, I just made an interested face, because I thought I can always look up the history later on Internet but seeing these wonderful designs life, I didn't want to miss. So I looked and walked around (not too far from the guide) and took these pictures.

Walking through this colon alley one really felt very small. Even the biggest man in the world would have been a dwarf or rather a flee in here !

Everything looked a little messy no wonder after the Egyptians the Christians had occupied this temple and had to left it in the 11th century. From there on it had been completely forgotten.

This must be Ramses II

another wonderful statue

You can see the people of all nationalities walking through the ruins. For the Egyptians winter had just began but it was at least 40° C hot in November ! I wonder if people are not melting there during summer time.

Walking around this scarabe would bring luck the guide told us. So we walked around and are waiting now for our luck.

On the site works are still going on.

I found this watchdog on duty laying in the shade of one of the enormous stones.

At the very beginning of our tour through the temple, I didn't realize that my camera was set on video ! So I took these "pictures" in video mode. Fortunately I realized it very quickly.

It was a wonderful experience although very tiring walking in this heat and we were happy to climb in our aircondioned bus again until the next stop which would be the Valley of the Kings.

I found this video on YouTube and thought it really shows how it was.


eastcoastlife said...

Oooo.... your post and pictures make me want to go holidaying in Egypt!!!

Anonymous said...
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Gattina said...

This is my blog and not a trash bin for your psychological problems !

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a temple. *whistles*

I truly can understand the small feeling there! Majestic!

The heat sounds a bit too much though, phew.

Anonymous said...

Hello Gattina!
What a nice trip in Luxor!
I imagine the fun you had all three! It was the good moment to visit! Imagine the temperature in summer?! A few years ago I did theater with my pupils about a story wich took place in Luxor with the different Egyptian gods and Pierre made masks for the pupils. But i don't have the masks still. It was very nice.
Can't wait the valley of the kings!

A. said...

Those statues are magnificent!


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