Saturday, June 14, 2008

50 years anniversary of the World Exposition in Brussels - THE PAVILLON OF TEMPORARY HAPPINESS

To celebrate the 50 years of the world exposition which took place here in Brussels, quite a lot of activities are being done and expositions and movies are showing a nice choice of important visitors or items from 1958 ! (You can read the whole activity program here and look at the Official blog of the Atomium

_ ____________________________________________________________________
Just in front of the Atomium a pavillon had been built with 30.000 beer cases !

It looks quite impressive. It is called "Pavillon of temporary happiness"
when you look around
and up, you feel like being inside a huge yellow Lego building ! At least I did.
Here you can sit inside and see movies of 1958
also listen to the music of this year or looking at pictures.
An exposition shows you items of this time
I very well remember these swimming caps ! ----------------------------------------------------------------
Outside in a court you can read quotes of famous people on a wall
and have some good Belgian beer to drink. Everybody who comes to visit this pavillon gets a card to fill in. You only have to write your first name, in which town and country you are living and tell your definition of happiness.
Then you have to put your card in this huge bottle. All cards will be kept for 50 years so that our descendants can read and learn what was our definition of happiness. I found this a very good idea filled in my card and throw it in the bottle !
The Atomium is also surrounded by a beautiful parc where you can walk around and rest.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
The Atomium is a "left over" of the 1958 World Exhibition you can read more about it here ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
When you are standing just under it and look up, you have this amazing view


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's like a beer temple! I'm worshiping it! what an excellent idea. Very creative. One must admire it.

...and those swimming hats... *giggles*

Anonymous said...

Wouah!!!!!!!!! Just an another wonderful cybercruise trip! what a lovely sunday! I will go on internet to know more about The world exposition in Brussels! You make me very curious! Now my head is turning since I visited the beer temple! Ah! Ah! Les bonnets de bain! J'en veux un! Sad I can't write my own vision of happiness in the bottle! "Peace and love!"


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