Friday, June 12, 2009


On Sundays people often go for a walk in the parcs of their towns and are looking for shady picnic places especially when it is quite hot. The same happened here in Marrakech (Morocco) where our travel guide took us to show how city people spend their sundays. Lots of residents but also tourists were underway Photobucket Photobucket There was a lake with an ex guard house and a lot of fishermen sitting around. The fishes were very fat because all the children fed them and had fun when they jumped up. Photobucket Photobucket We take our children for a pony ride here it was on a camel Photobucket the long lasting drought made the palm trees looking rather poor Photobucket We heard music, people were playing on instruments which are not so well known to us Photobucket a family is looking for a nice place to sit Photobucket Dad, mum, grandma and little boy found a nice shady place Photobucket I had to use my zoom all the time, people don't like to be photographed like animals in a zoo, which is very understandable. Some tourists really behave very badly and without any respect for the population. Photobucket Teenager meeting. They all dress like they want. With or without scarf, with or without traditional clothes. I found the scarfs very practical because they protect your hair much better from sand and wind like our sunhats or caps. This has nothing to do with religion. Photobucket two women probably chatting about men ! Photobucket Of course there was also the ice cream man, who did a good business this day Photobucket Grandma is looking for something to eat Photobucket Young people getting together and played music Photobucket The grazing camels were watching us from far Photobucket Sometimes (fortunately not very often) you see these fanatic ghosts, in fact they dress like our nuns, still 2009 years late ! They are not at all appreciated by their female compatriotes who fight for women rights. Photobucket This is how Berbers wear their scarfs, they showed me how to do it and from now on I will not wear a cap anymore !


GMG said...

Hi Gatina! Great reportage!! Wonderful pictures!!

Blogtrotter has a nice lunch location for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m having the benefit of the holidays in Portugal this week... ;))


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