Sunday, September 06, 2009


Each year in Tubize, a little town located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant a medieval festival is organized with the thrilling name of "Medieval of the bloody monks" and brings you back into the middle age.

At the entrance

It took place around an old farm transformed into a restaurant The first "middle agers"

At the first glance I thought I was in an Indian village

But there also was a church and some typical medieval tents

reading sewing instructions

young proud parents

a blacksmith

a hungry girl selling little strange figures and trolls


what a huge bread !

some middle age soup cooking

darts and other games

Knight outfits

good food

Learning archery

and food again

looked like a scaring church

where a pig was roasted on a graveyard (I think I will become vegetarian)

and other pieces of meat

You could eat it with this very yummy looking bread

Before I left I watched a sword fight, which was quite noisy !


diane b said...

It is great how people make history come alive and be interesting. great photos of all the activities.

Jientje said...

Looks like a fun visit! When was that? That bread looks delicious, and I would not have minded trying some of that pig either! I'm not sure what you mean by roasted on a graveyard though?

Tara R. said...

The festival looks like great fun, and the food amazing!

Amy said...

Oh what fun! We have a Medieval Festival here in Tennessee that I've never gone to. Perhaps next time we'll go.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college in Arizona they had a yearly Renaissance Festival that we would go to. I loved it. So fun. It would be great living in that time would get to have a wench :)

Melli said...

THIS looked like SO much fun! It reminds me greatly of our Celtic Festival - except with a lot more re-enactment ... there is some costumed people at the Celtic Festival - but mostly just the activities -- and of course, the costumes make it so much FUN! The sword fights are fabulous! I LOVE that! And those HUUUUUGE loaves of bread! My goodness! I'm certain I would have bought sOMething from the girl selling the little mushroom carvings... They are cuuuuuute!

I see Thom mentioned the Renaissance Festival -- we have one of those too - and YES - it is MUCH more like this! All costumes and acting! It's WONDERFUL! I'm hoping to go later this month!

İlhami Uyar said...

Old traditionals must be very plesurely,best wishes

GMG said...

Hi Gattina! Excellent post; and amazing pig picture... ;))

Sorry for the long delay, but after one year work, I got my official week off and, as always, the week before was terrible and the return awful... ;). Furthermore, there was 09.09.09, which for me was a bit depressing, as I entered a Club 60 I would prefer to postpone the joining... ;))

Blogtrotter is now in Turkey. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!


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