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My blogfriend Claudie who lives in the South of France had invited me to spend a week with her and family in Ollioules at French Rivera and Provence.

The first day she took me for a visit to Sanary-sur-Mer which is located between Bandol (direction Marseille) and Toulon, at the western end of the Cote d'Azur.

In the centre of the houses along the port you see the tower which dates from the 13th century and was once part of an important defensive system for the town, and the village developed in the middle ages around the tower.

Sanary-sur-Mer has a a pretty harbour lined with palm trees and pastel coloured houses, which reminded me very much Italy, which I know far better of course due to my Italian husband.

I learned that it was in the waters off Sanary-sur-Mer that Jacques Cousteau developed the diving equipment that is still crucial to deep-sea diving.

I didn't know that quiet a few German authors exiled to Sanary-sur-Mer before the second world war. Many were subsequently interned by the French as enemy aliens. The writers included Bertolt Brecht and Thomas Mann among many others.

A warm welcome ! attention to your car !

views on the little town and the habor

the city

and the seafront

lots of boats big and small were parked here waiting to be used in summer although the season had already started.

The tower

and a very curageous lady half naked with only 18°C (64 F)



I found Bandol to be a cute little seaside resort in a sheltered bay, cradled by hills and protected from the wind. It is popular in summer but especially pleasant to visit out of season, when the crowds have gone and you can savour the beauty in the clement climate of a Mediterranean winter. It is very popular to French families from Paris or Lyon, who descend to their summer houses for the long summer vacation, jealously protecting their privacy from the eyes of the world. I haven't seen any !

The sheltered situation of Bandol provides excellent conditions for grape growing and there have been vineyards here since 600 BC. There are five different appellations grown on a variety of terrain, producing terrific whites and rosés on the coast (a marvellous accompaniment to fish and seafood) and stronger red wines grown on the terraces inland. Thousands of people visit for the annual Fete du Vin in December.

First thing I saw was a Casino ! I thought I could play some roulette there, but it turned out to be a supermarket ! Of course that there were so many "Casinos" in this region !

People playing "Petanque" a typical game with metal balls in Southern France

There were also some quiet big yachts

and the first tourists enjoying the beach

On our way back we stopped at this beautiful bakery. The inside decoration was just gorgeous !

My first impressions of my first holiday day with Claudie is here on my blog Writer's Cramps

More participantshere


diane b said...

Two beautiful seaside towns. Love the photo of all the yachts.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous seaside shots - very picturesque towns!

Jo said...

Aaah, Gattina. What stunning photos of beautiful towns and harbours.

My name is Riet said...

wow gattina. Lovely photo's of a wonderful trip

Sylvia K said...

What lovely seaside towns, Gattina! I'm sure you had a wonderful visit! Your photos are really superb! Thanks for taking us along! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


claudie said...

I learn a lot reading your post!! I didn't know about the famous german authors! I will try to find something about!

I began gardening this afternoon in the small garden in front of the apart! I don't tell you! I will take a dush!!!
And after the lidl grill will work again!

A Lady's Life said...

So picturesque! I love marinas anyway.
I am a typical beach bum when it comes to boats and water.

claudie said...

I share your post on my FB profil!

Loree said...

It is just so beautiful. You had gorgeous weather and took some amazing photos.

Gracie said...

Such beautiful photos! Sunny and colorful, that's the way it was every time I did visit there, I'm glad you had such a good weather you too!

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for showing those wonderful photos of the Riviera! It looks like paradise.
I heard from Kay Davies the the two of you met. I also met her near the windmills and on 2nd January I met two Greek blogging sisters and their families. One family is living in Brussels now and the other sister was visiting her. They came all the way to see me. It was wonderful. Kay was just like I thought she was and the Greek sisters as well. They are all very nice people.
Thanks for your comment. There are not many Oxfam shops in my country either, but little by little we see them appear in the country.

Diana said...

Hi Gattina! Finally some time to stop by... And to see the beautiful skies of French Riviera!! Lovely shots of two lovely villages!!
Blogtrotter Two is still strolling in Amsterdam... Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

Trotter said...

Sorry, but my daughter came here and was using this computer. That's why my comment came out as Diana's... ;)


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