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When you book a hotel, you can be very disappointed from what you saw on pictures or pleasantly surprised. We were both at our arrival. First we had imagined that it was much bigger than the reality, and I had never had a hotel in the center of such a huge city as Istanbul. My view was on the next building's flats, I probably had expected that there was a view on a huge green park, instead I watched the inhabitans living in their appartments, which was far more interesting than green grass and trees !

The entrance of the Lalleli Gönen Hotel.

and the reception with very friendly and helpful personal.

On each side of the street were mostly boutiques and it was very very quiet in the night. We didn't hear a thing, except the call for prayers sometimes around 11 pm and at 4 am ! But we also got used to that. It just was part of the city's life.

After shopping Dominique poses for an "Apple Tea" publicity

We both liked the sun flower painting, it was not a print but a real painting.

my blogging corner

Our room was on the 5th floor, spacious enough, had everything we needed, even free internet connection, a little desk and a round table with an armchair, TV and a safe. It was real cosy although we only slept in there.

The breakfast room was very nicely decorated unfortunately I forgot to take a picture and nothing was missing on the buffet to satisfy all nationalities ! There were English, American, European and other breakfast styles ! We certainly were not starving.

5 steps up from our room we had our "beach". After an exhausting city visit the swimming pool was a dream ! I had never used a swimming pool on a roof !

The bar

And as souvenir the menu card

There was a big choice of delicious food, especially salmon and trouts which I loved because it was so fresh !

My friend Dominque is waiting for her "Apple Tea".

The view from the hotel roof was real special ! I first was disturbed by all these parabols, but after a while I discovered more and more funny things, like here the forgotten mannequin with a hole in his head.

and at a far distance we saw the see and the ships

This gives you an idea of taking a sunbath in the middle of Istanbul !

Our "neighbor" at the same level just opposite, watered his plants every evening with loving care. (I zoomed for of course !)

Through a wood of parabols you see the mosque. We were surrounded by 3. Unfortunately the call for prayer was a little later in one mosque than the two others so we had a "3 D " sound

But the "ugly" view disappeared completely when it was dark and became rather beautiful

our swimming pool

Istanbul by night while we enjoyed our supper

Gorgeous sunsets each evening

and from far the lights of the ships.

the two of us having our supper.

It really was a nice stay without any problems and nothing to complain about.


wenn said...

lovely place!

A Lady's Life said...

Well its a city and you expect to see things like this. The more you see of the normal life, the more interesting it becomes.
I remember from my hotel room we would see people doing tai chi every morning at 5 am in Hong Kong and people walking slashing taxi tires every morning in Miami. It was really an eye opener. lol

Maribeth said...

We have only stayed where the airlines put us and that was the Intercontinental. We had a very nice room there. I also loved Istanbul.

jabblog said...

It's good to hear that your hotel was everything you needed it to be.

claudie said...

I repeat again "Chance you had"!
When I was at school with the pupils in the high temperature of summer! Luckely I am on holiday now! Mar will come with her husband in Six-Fours les Plages on the 10 of july! We will meet us! It will be the second time since i blog with her!

Linens and Royals said...

Looks like a perfect hotel, you really know how to choose the best Gattina. what a bonus the roof was.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Just perfect I'd say. And I just LOVE being on the roof, whether it's for a sim, eating or just sightseeing the top things :-)

Haddock said...

Observing life as it is, is one of the best things and there is nothing better than that to understand human emotions.

Sanja said...

Thanks for this review, i hesitated a bit booking this hotel, because there were no photos in reviews in tripadvisor. But after this reading your review i will definently book a room from this hotel!

LindyLouMac said...

Having just recently returned from Istanbul I found this post of great interest. Our hotel also had a rooftop terrace with amazing views but no pool. I think we were much closer to the sea as we stayed in Sultanahmet.


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