Sunday, August 19, 2012


We would have liked to see a little more of Winchelsea, but there was a sailing competition going on and the little town was full ! No way to find a parking. But then we discovered a very interesting looking church, or more half of a church !

The Church of St Thomas the Martyr,  had  once the size of a small cathedral, but only the chancel remains. The first recorded mention of the church was in 1215. The older buildings were damaged during the 14th century by French and Spanish troops.

Arriving at Winchelsea a small village in East Sussex, UK.

Looking for the entrance we first had to go through a very old graveyard which reminded me of Inspector Barnaby and his Midsomer murders TV series.

Doug of course had first to say "hello" to this little dog, while I read the inscriptions on the gravestones and discovered quiet surprised that the graveyard is still in use !

Some stones just bent in all directions !

and there was the church with its ruins !  I am sure I wouldn't go there at night, it looked a little eerie !

The entrance had a beautiful wooden very old looking door

Apparently the organ didn't work anymore, because there was this piano.

The organ

the church had beautiful stained glass windows

and very nice sculptures and carvings

This statue was made in Sussex marble

at the exit hang this tapestry.

a last view on this amazing church


Lea said...

Very interesting!
But how very odd to see a bright blue modern clock on an ancient church.
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Jo said...

That modern clock sure is incongruous on that old church. A very interesting post, thanks. I just am not sure: is the outside in ruins while the interior is still in use for services? Hope you're having a great weekend.Jo

Maribeth said...

I love to tour churches. They tell so much about the people who built them, and now who maintain them. Great post!

jabblog said...

Beautiful little church. Churches and graveyards are such peaceful places.

claudie said...

A place for a thriller like the Da Vinci Code or a policier like Barnaby! I showed the place to Pierre! A place to visit!

Stonch said...

The church is very much in use - it is the parish church for the community. The organ does work - the piano is there for concerts which also take place in the church as well as services.

If you're interested the church's history is on its website.


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