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August 30, 2015

For the second time this year we had a braderie, a jumble market in Waterloo. The day before the shops and boutiques had already put out the items they wanted to sell. This day you can really make some bargains. When the jumble market really starts, the best things are already gone.

There are lots of boutiques along the main street.

The sun was shining and I wandered around

People were sitting on the benches after shopping

As you can see there were lots of people with the same idea as me

In a little side street are several restaurants in case you are hungry or thirsty

or you can have a "hot dog" but with a special Belgian sausage


Fun60 said...

I have not seen this kind of jumble sale before where all the shops take part as well as ordinary people. Sounds a good idea but of course you need to be there early to grab the bargains.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea!

Joyful said...

Is this your town Gattina? Looks like a lot of people made it to the market day

Andrew said...

Interesting to see all the shop names but no names familiar to Australia.

Jo said...

The boutiques' names make them seem very upmarket. Don't the regular shop owners complain if there are bargains sold outside their shops? Just wondered. What is the special Belgium sausage? we have a South African sausage called boerewors - even when I ate meat (many many years ago) I didn't eat this sausage as it oozes fat! Again, I wondered if this Belgium sausage is endemic to your country? Otherwise that market looks so happy and interesting.

Loree said...

Such a cool idea. I would have enjoyed browsing around. I like the idea of a hot dog with a special Belgian sausage.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a great idea! You have some fascinating shops -- different from the ones here that I am bored with. I might even enjoy shopping there!!!


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