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The Mont St. Jean farm was built in 1719. In 1775 the farm consisted of a house, barns, a brewery, a piggery, and sheep and on the right and left of the porch were barns, an oven, a well and a chapel.

At the Battle of Waterloo, the farm of Mont-Saint-Jean served as a military hospital for British troops.

The Duke of Wellington had spent the night before the Waterloo battle started here in this farm in 1815.

After the battle, for nearly four days, local doctors and surgeons operated and amputated non stop, without anesthesia. The amputated limbs were laying in every corner of the courtyard of the farm !

In 2014, the farm was bought by the John Martin Group who immediately started with the renovation of the farm. A distillery was installed in the farm where today the Waterloo beer is produced.

After the renovation the farm became a lovely place. On the farm grounds the restaurant "L'Orangerie du Prince, has been built. It looks very much "Art Deco" and despite the fact that it is very big, it is still cozy !

Above the farm ruin as I knew it during 39 years, and today

The tower with flags and the sign

and of course some publicity at the walls outside.

The entrance

and just besides you can visit the brewery

Inside the farm courtyard

There are even some chickens

On the parking a publicity bus

The gate to the courtyard, very original

L'orangerie du Prince is just behind the courtyard

The bar

and the restaurant inside

Ilona enjoys the leather sofa and a cup of coffee

When the weather is warm you can sit outside and have a beautiful view on the green fields !

Of course the the hit of of the restaurant are all the varieties of the Waterloo beer !


Anonymous said...

The distillery is for gin?

Fun60 said...

Was there an orangery there originally because it has the look of an orangery just a lot newer. Nice to have something like that on your doorstep.

Rajesh said...

The renovated farm looks beautiful.

Loree said...

Very nice. They did a great job with the restoration.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I would love this place and It is definitely one of those tours that Bill would also enjoy. You can probably guess why! ( and I would enjoy that part as well ... Cheers!)


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