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This year there had been a big discussion amongst the members of the City of Brussels, if the Christmas market should take place or not because of the terrorist threat. But finally it was announced in a press conference that the Christmas market called "Plaisir d'Hiver" ( Winter Wonders) will take place, but at reduced hours.

So at the very beginning of the Christmas market end November,  for obvious safety reasons, the Brussels authorities had chosen to reduce the opening hours: Winter Wonders will therefore be open at the first weekend, between 12:00 ET 20:00.

When you watched the News on TV it looked as if Brussels was in the middle of a war, soldiers with machine guns everywhere and police checking people at the entrance of the market. Fortunately there were people working in Brussels and saw that this was not the case everywhere and that the Television has only filmed places with soldiers and not normal life ! So slowly, slowly people showed up, tourists came back and the Christmas market became as it had always been, a lot of fun and pleasure.

When I arrived at the Manneken Pis on the way to the Grand'Place there were lots of tourists standing there and usually are disappointed because they all thought the little boy would have been much bigger !

The big Christmas tree came from the Ardennes

The crèche, for the first time the holy family behind grids, not because of terrorists but because of vandals !

The sheep protested loud against the visitors

Not more uniformed policemen on the Grand'Place as usual when I had been there between Christmas and New Year.

"La Bourse" (ancient stock market) covered in shiny garlands

Of course you could see the lights much better when it got dark

and when it was dark

Part of the stalls were placed around La Bourse, in total there were 230 stalls

All along the Boulevard were these light bows

There were more and more people

This was how the old "Frites Kot" (Chips stand, not to say French Fries because they were invented in Belgium) looked like in 1892.

I bought two portions of sauerkraut as supper for Mr. G. and me.

The bows shining

Behind "La Bourse"

Lining up for Chips

Towards the second part of the market

Place St. Cathrine

A very special stall serving hot red wine

Christmas delis

again not more police as usual

A special bar for hot red wine (Glühwein, stems from Germany) and other drinks

All kind of bread

It was dark when we finally returned home after 3 h walking around and we haven't even seen the 3rd part ! A ice skating rink and a Tunisian village !


NatureStop said...

That's lovely!! Have a fantastic 2016!


Indrani said...

Grand decorations! Loved reading your comments on them. :)

Fun60 said...

So glad they didn't cancel the markets.

Jo said...

What a lovely market. I'm glad the dang terrorists didn't frighten off the people. Were those sausages (wierners) in the flat pan which held the sauerkraut? I loved the lights...

Anonymous said...

That would have been awful if the market was closed. You showed a great range of photos of the atmosphere. I am interested to see if this comment on your other blog comes through to you.

Klara said...

that's a good overview of the Christmas market - I haven't seen half of it, specially not the lights in the night. Bourse looks nice.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The Market looks like such fun and the decorations are wonderful ... That red-garlanded old building and the bows across the streets are really pretty and really different from anything I've seen. Glad that the fearmongers couldn't keep people away!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I love open markets. Good for the Brussels officials to keep your Christmas market open. It looks so delightful and wondrous.
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