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 June 8, 2016

During our stay in Marmaris Turkey, we made an excursion to Dalyan in Muğla Province located between the well-known districts of Marmaris and Fethiye.

The town of Fethiye is located in Southwestern Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There is a large mountain at the base of the village, and in the mountains you can see these these impressive rock tombs, built in 350 B.C. and which are now a tourist attraction.

As we did this tour by boat we only could see the ruins from the river side. There is one tomb
 named after the Greek inscription on the side, reading “Amyntou tou Ermagioiu” meaning “Armyntas son of Hermagios”. What makes the tomb of Amyntas unique from the other tombs is its size, most mountain side tombs are the size of a small room, this tomb’s height is equivalent to one of a full-sized temple.

From Marmaris to Dalyan we took the bus which brought us to the river where we took a boat.

There were lots and lots !

This one is just leaving

and this is our boat. It had an electric motor and didn't make any noise. This was perfect on this beautiful riverside through the green rocky landscapes.

For 45 min we travelled on the river until we saw the tombs from far

They looked very impressive !

It's amazing how they are preserved after thousands of years !

The tradition of burying the dead in a house-type tomb started in Anatolia during 3 thousand B.C. and continued until the end of the Roman Empire.

We continued our boat trip to the İztuzu Beach to see the turtles.


Fun60 said...

They do look impressive tombs. A lovely day trip away from the hotel.

Loree said...

What a beautiful place.I am always surprised by photos of Turkey. It is like nothing I imagined it would be. Just better.

Molly said...

What fabulous pieces of very ancient history. We think we are so advanced now but I am sure the ancient people who built these beautiful structures would wonder why we don't build anything quite so beautiful now


Ruth said...

Very nice photos! I am sure this is an amazing sight. I would to travel thru Turkey discovering places like this.

Jarek said...

Marvelous photos of this wonderful landscape.

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous and fascinating!

Sandra Carlier said...

The tombs give a surnatural atmosphere to the landscape ! Must have been a great excursion !


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