Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LAC GENVAL - Belgium

July 19, 2016

When my friend Claudie was here, we went to the Lake Genval (Lac de Genval) which is a lake located near Waterloo. The lake is a great leisure place for the people of Brussels. All around the lake there are beautiful houses from the Belle Époque. One of these houses is named Château du lac (Castle of the lake) which is now a five star hotel.

We walked around the lake  and then we had a coffee in one of the many restaurants which are located at the lake.

from our table we saw these geese.

These are mostly old beautiful houses which became in the last years very good restaurants/cafés. The view on the lake is very beautiful.

The Castle of the Lake

walking around

peeking through the bushes to have a glance one of the hidden manors

This manor had also horses and poultry

and was located at this little river.

It had been a very nice walk.


claudie cartereau said...

It was a quiet and beautiful place ! We had great time there !

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely looking place. What a privilege to live near the lake.

Lea said...

Our Summer is so hot, just looking at your lovely photos of the water makes me feel cooler.
Our weather forecast for this week is 100F (37C) for several days.


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