Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This year again a have spent a 1 week holidays with my friends in Eastbourne where I took again some pictures from Eastbourne's beach. Although it looks very hot and sunny, it was quite cool and very windy. But people love to walk along the sea front, it is very beautiful as you can see. There were a lot of mostly UK vacationers, but also a few Germans and even Italians. -----------------------------------

The pier has been transformed in a game hall and there are also some restaurants.


Impossible to starve here ! there is a big choice of food and delicious ice creams !


On the pier


People listen to the concert. Only a few payed an entrance fee the others stayed behind the barrier and listen too, preferring without doubt to buy an ice cream instead.


For lazy people was a little train which run along the beach



I fell in love with these old Victorian houses, they have nearly all been transformed into hotels.

There are other posts about Eastbourne and the South East coast of England, links are in the sidebar.



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