Monday, August 18, 2008


On my way to Eastbourne (England) I stopped for 3 h in London. I hadn't been there for 7 years and I just wanted to walk a little around. I showed already the pictures I took around the Buckhingham Palace here.

These short visit made me want to go on other cheap holidays !

Approaching the station I saw the skyline of London

and buildings where people live



I arrived at Victoria Station

It is very very busy inside

The Victoria palace is unfortunately a little squeezed into buildings and the ugly modern one doesn't fit at all !

The famous red buses

and a help for foreign tourists ! As the rest of Europe drives on the right side, we are not used to look to the left first where the cars are coming from !


Pubs around the station now with tables outside, because of the new law not allowing smoking inside. It is a pity because it takes away the charm of these old "Public Houses".

It costs 8 £ (10 €, 15 $) per day to drive with your own car in London center ! That's why you mostly see taxis.

tourist buses lined up


I loved the architecture of this building.


Driving to the office by motorbike ! that's the solution !


KalpanaS said...

It is a real shame about the recent riots in London.
I don't mind visiting London every now and then but don't think I'd like to face the congestion there everyday!


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