Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Belgian coast is only around 150 km (93 miles) far from Brussels, with the result that as soon as there are 3 sunbeams whole Belgium rushes to the sea (or nearly). That's what I did too together with a friend. The highway although quiet large is so packed that sometimes police leads a bunch of cars to the sea while the others have to wait for the next convoy ! That happens especially when the school holidays start.

The beach is sandy and it's ideal for children to play. Hundreds of buildings have been built along the coast to host more and more tourists, now also coming from France, Holland and Germany.

In some places like Ostend old mansions have been destroyed to make space for more apartment buildings, which is a pity because of this all along the Belgian coast the seafront is quiet ugly.

But still it's nice to go there at least for the day to breath the good sea air, and those who like very good food will not be disappointed either.

Unfortunately the sea is mostly cold so that it takes some courage to go in there and swim, I honnestly have done it twice in the 50 years I live in Belgium.

It's also quiet expensive when you can't lay on the beach, so I think for holidays I would rather go for great value holidays to Benidorm

These shells are rather strange and I have been told that they only exist in the western part of the coast. They look like a cigare when they are closed and they also have approximately the same size.

You could climb in this baloon and roll around. But I haven't seen anybody inside.
It can be a paradise when the weather is nice, which, unfortunately doesn't happen very often. Bad languages call the Belgian coast : Costa del Drash, which means "Shower coast"

But when we went there it was just perfect as you can see. Here my friend and I spent the whole day.

There was an airplane exposed but I couldn't find out what it was

Fast foot of course wasn't missing, and of course the famous Belgian Chips.

Some of the city centers escaped the demolition

all along the coast there is one restaurant after the other. There is something for everybody's taste.

The season hasn't started yet in one week you probably can hardly find a place to sit

In all towns along the coast are Casinos where you can loose or make your fortune


Anonymous said...

ooo these are so wonderful. I love them all. I'd love to try that balloon. Just think how fun that could be. :) I love those ads for the fast food as well. :) Especially the fries :) Thanks for sharing :) Have a great Sunday

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Boy Madame Chat I don't know what happened. But Blogger must have loved my comment cuz it put it in there three times LOL

Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! Sorry for the absence, but after a long weekend break, I was working abroad last week...

Great to see Belgium under the sun; so rare for me when I used to fly there almost every month... ;)

Meanwhile, Blogtrotter Two discovers Sardinia! Enjoy and have a great week!


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