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MOROCCO - Volubilis a roman town

My roundtrip through Morocco

Volubilis dates from the third century BC and is situated near Meknes between Fez and Rabat in Morocco. Volubilis features the best preserved ruins in this part of northern Africa. In 1997 the site was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Volubilis was the administrative center of the province in Roman Africa. The fertile lands of the province produced many commodities such as grain and olive oil, which were exported to Rome.

That's for the history, the rest you can read here

I have noticed that wherever I go, the Romans had been there before me ! This was also the case in Morocco. The only country I haven't seen Roman architectural left overs was in the States, but maybe one day digging in their garden one will find a Roman ruin.

It is a very huge place and not very easy to walk in. There are cobble stoned little streets but still it was difficult for some people.

Storks have a good taste and choose as domicil the top of this column with a wonderful view on the lower Atlas mountains.

It was very hot this day and there is nothing to buy some water. So if ever you visit there, take water with you.

Romans had modern times, long before our modern time started. They had central heating through the floor, WC's with running water, sorts of bubble baths and in general a very comfortable life.

This is not a Roman lady, but only a curious tourist

A lot of the site was destroyed by the 1755 Lisbon (Portugal) earthquake,

But you still can see what big town it was.

These columns are just amazing

The view out of the window too !

Two of my young travel friends taking a Roman bath (since the Romans are gone the water is gone too)

and then we returned into the present, with Morrocan motor bikes, so are the little donkeys called,

and a chatting couple, maybe Roman descendants ?


Anonymous said...

It looks surreal to me. Some place I would like to visit though. Beautiful photos. :)

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I would love to see these ruins! It was the thing I loved about Greece, it was so amazing to see such incredible buildings etc. that were so old and yet still in such incredibly good condition. Great post for the day, Gattina! Wish I could have made the trip, too, but your photos are the next best thing! Have a great week!


Carolyn Ford said...

The old world is so amazing. You have some amazing photos of such a historical place. I can imagine walking around places like this because I did it in Rome and other places in Italy. (The Romans were there too...Ha!)

Jo said...

Gattina, I simply LOVE Africa and am thrilled to see this type of architechture in the northern part of this continent. Your photos are WOW and your captions: always captivating. Were your cats pleased to see you? Who cares for them when you go walk-about? Many hugs and blessings, Jo

Jim said...


MaR said...

Love the nest...!! and what a great virtual visit, merci :)

LadyFi said...

What an amazing place! And those stork nests on the pillar - that's incredible!

Unknown said...

your captions are really funny (LOL). i won't be surprised if an ancient pillar would be dug up here as well.:p

ruins from ancient civilizations are always interesting. gives us an idea how they lived. i love that the birds made nests on top of those pillars. great post.

Gwendolyn L said...

I enjoyed your story about the pictures. I hope to visit sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing.

Leif Hagen said...

Wow - some fantastic, ancient ruins! The stork found a high place to build a nest!

Loree said...

What a wonderful place. Anything Roman fascinates me.

ksdoolittle said...

Totally amazing! Wonderful pictures.

SandyCarlson said...

Those storks don't stand on ceremony but on usefulness! These are wonderful shots.

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour Sweetie,
It's so exciting! I want so much to visit there someday!you gave a wonderful "taste"of this magnificent place,I love your pictures!
You are such an adventure! :)

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Love that stork nest!!! What a perfect place! ha ha...

Magnificent ruins really! How interesting that the Portugal earthquake did strike even there.

A Lady's Life said...

Love the roman baths What a nice idea for a back yard.


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