Tuesday, November 05, 2013


During my stay in Ollioules in South France, my friend took me to the Mediterranean Park at Six Fours a little village nearby. The name is rather funny because it means "six ovens".

The park is beautiful in its partly wilderness and botanical gardens.

The whole domain is 7 ha (17 acres) and on the top sits a kind of fortress,

which is called Cap Nègre

There was nothing indicated at the building which looked rather neglected and unused, but I learned from my "google" researches that it should be a museum and dates from Napoleon. As at the bridge leading to the entrance was written "danger" I didn't dare to go further.

The park was full of beautiful palm trees, and this part was rather well maintained.

The marble table needed some restoring, it was partly broken and it was hard to read the directions which should explain where was what.

But the views on the sea were beautiful

and walking around on these little ways through the wilderness with exotic plants was a real pleasure.


eileeninmd said...

The scenery and views are lovely. What a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

The scenery and views are great. Not so sure about the park. Maybe you had to be there.

Sylvia K said...

What a terrific place, Gattina!! Such gorgeous views and I do love the BLUE water shot!! A great trip indeed! thanks for sharing! Enjoy the remainder of your week!!

Fun60 said...

Although the scenery looked wonderful I think it sad that the history of the site has not been preserved.

Cynthia said...

Beautiful views from the top and beautiful coastline. Sad that the and old building is not better cared for and better used.

Loree said...

It's really beautiful. I am having some problems with my reading list because your blog posts are not appearing in it in real time :(

sunshine said...

A nice scenery and a beautiful area.

Ercotravels said...

Splendid photographs! love the post.
my recent post about a great heritage site Qutub Minar.

Cezar and Léia said...

wow Gattina, this place is wonderful, I'm impressed with the nature beauty of this park!

Sandra Carlier said...

Great captures, gattina at the park! i miss our holiday!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The ocean views and other scenery and just gorgeous from up on top ... I love that. Too bad some of the historical buildings are not accessible, but it would have been worth it to me to see the scenery!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place, France has a lot of them to visit!

Unknown said...

Lovely views. Thanks for sharing.


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