Tuesday, October 29, 2013


When we visited Saint Cyr sur mer  we visited the ruins of an ancient Roman villa.

During the construction of a railway in the 60th ruins and artifacts from the Roman site of Tauroentum had been discovered.

It became a museum in 1969, and shows a Roman settlement from the 1st century to the 3rd or 4th AD:
Built on the remains of a "villa maritima" it  has 3 beautiful mosaics in black and white of the first century.

Glassware, funeral lamps, coins and rare objects such as twisted columns of white marble of the first and second century were discovered and are displayed in the museum, we only had limited time so we only visited the ruins of the villa.

A wall painting showed the villa as it had once be.

There was a sarcophage exposed

A factory where roof tiles were made and which was still in use in the 17th century

A "swimming" pool a little to narrow to swim, but they probably walked inside

A map of the villa and some remains of the rooms

It was very interesting to see how modern the old Romans lived already, while we here in Norther Europe were still running around in furs.


Anonymous said...

Those Romans were very advanced. Lovely shots.

Anonymous said...

We visited some ruins in England it is amazing to look at things that are so old.

Andrea said...

Wow, thanks for that tour. This is a bit younger than those I've seen in Turkey, and the sarcophagus looks simpler than those made in BC. It is always fascinating to see and learn how our forebears did their things and how they lived!

Cynthia said...

So interesting! I've visited Roman ruins in Britain, and I was fascinated with all the evidence of such early human life.

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com said...

It is an amazing place!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It is interesting how advanced the Romans were....and think about what happened. Beautiful visit to these fascinating ruins.

LindyLouMac said...

Always interesting to see just how advances the Romans were!

Margaret said...

You are so fortunate to have access to these ruins.


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