Tuesday, August 22, 2017


August 22, 2017

Expat tours

If you do a 7 day tour around a country of course you can't see everything in details. It just gives you an overview of things to see or to do if you want to come back later.

We also shortly stopped at Waterville  a small coastal village located between the Atlantic Ocean and Lough Currane on the scenic and famous Ring of Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Famous for its game angling and its 18 hole championship golf links, Waterville is also a paradise for the hill-walker, cyclist, pony trekker, ornithologist, astronomer, archaeologist, sea and shore angler, water sport enthusiast and indeed for the general holidaymakers unfortunately not for those who love the heat and lot of sunshine.

Anyone who visits the village of Waterville should walk the pathway (known locally as the promenade) which stretches right along the seafront. If you want to extend your walk a little and see one of the finer beaches in the area then continue to walk along the cliff road (to the north of the village) and walk for approximately a mile to reach the beach. Here also you will find the famous Waterville Golf Links.


In the late 1950’s, Charlie Chaplin brought his family to Waterville for holidays. Here, they could enjoy the great outdoors in relative anonymity and privacy. This was incredible to him, considering that he was already a world-famous actor, filmmaker and composer. He was to bring his family back here for over a decade, making many great friends in the area.

The Chaplin family still has connections to Waterville today, and with their blessing the annual Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival is now held each year in August. The festival honours the pioneering spirit of this great film-maker and advocate for social change.

Where we stopped the beach was full of pebbles and instead of building sandcastles, people had built little "Stonehenge" or whatever.

One pebble over the other gave funny little statues.

I was inspired too and did this one !


Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of the place.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell Mr G that I saw you with you arm in arm with a bloke in Ireland. Weather!!! Always a problem in Britain and Ireland.

Loree said...

Gorgeous place. Those stone 'columns' are very popular. They even make them here. They have a name but I cannot think of it right now. I think they have to do with zen and all that stuff and some people make really tall ones.

pilch92 said...

Great photos and interesting story about Charlie Chaplin.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

So interesting about the Charlie Chaplin connection ... and it looks like a quiet and lovely place for anyone's vacation. We see those rock towers quite often in the American Southwest (Arizona, Utah...) They are called cairns and I believe the tradition is inspired by Native American religious rites.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

what flower is that 5th photo?

So glad you found me on facebook.


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