Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Of course we also visited the Peterhof Palace. We went there with our bus. We had already our tickets and a Russian guide named Tatjana. She showed us a little around and then we were free to discover the domain of our own.

Peterhof Palace was built in 1703 by Peter the Great (which means Peter’s court in German). Around that time, from 1700 till 1721, Russia was at war with Sweden, and a decisive battle in Ukraine in 1709 became the turning point of the whole war. The Tsar wanted to celebrate this victory so he dedicated Peterhof to the victory over Karl XII. He got the inspiration for the palace design during a trip to France where he saw Versailles.

I have seen Versailles, there probably is a resemblance but inside the palaces, because outside it was completely different ! Far more rich !  The grand difference was the fountain complex, and the park, which are enormous and on a much larger scale, with gilded figures and several springs of sparkling water. A marvellous creation ! I would say unique !

First I show you the Palaces

I didn't know that the cash point means "Kacca" in Russian !

There is nothing to say ! It has been beautifully restored after the Soviet period.

The gardens with the golden statues are impressive

Running water flows down

A fountain game. It is said that one tsar had a doubtful humor, he let his guests dance on a tiled floor and when they stepped on a special tile, the fountains went off an the poor guest became completely wet, which made everybody laugh except probably the person in question.

Flowers everywhere. An army of gardeners takes care of the whole property

Again fountains

An overview until the Neva river

Greek and Roman goodess

I had never seen so many gold in my whole life. If you see this fabulous wealth on one side and the starving people on the other, it's understandable that a revolution was not avoidable.

We spent a few hours walking around before we took the Hydrofoil back to St. Petersburg along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland.

Unfortunately when I stepped out of the boat, a "kind" man helped me, although there was nothing to help I wondered. When I wanted to take out my camera which were in my purse, closed with a zip, it was gone. This helpful man was a pick pocket and a very clever one. We had been warned and I had been careful, but apparently not careful enough.

A very comfortable and quick way to travel !

Fortunately I had taken photos with my smartphone ! Otherwise I wouldn't have any photo of this special place. And I had a spare camera at the hotel. My journey was saved !

.../... to be continued Hermitage


Unknown said...

Shame about the camera. It is so easy to be caught out by pickpockets. I've seen photos of the palace before on another blog and truly is a wonder. Your camera photos are great.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, beautiful images from your trip. The palace is gorgeous. I am sorry your camera was stolen. Tourist must on alert everywhere they go now.
Enjoy your day and have a great week ahead.

William Kendall said...

Exquisitely beautiful. A rotten thing to do, that thief, but they lack scruples.

Fun60 said...

They are stunning photos. A highlight of your trip, no doubt. Such a shame your day was spoilt at the end.

Intelliblog said...

Amazing shots of this remarkable place!
Thanks for taking part in the Travel Tuesday meme.

betty-NZ said...

Your images are really awesome and I love learning a bit of history while I'm enjoying the scenery! How awful about your camera :(


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